Monday, April 30, 2012

Week 81 - 2 April 2012 Icoaraci

Hey! So...yeah, I am still District Leader here for the sixth straight transfer and with Elder P. I don’t think this transfer will be too bad cuz we live with two other missionaries. I love being able to speak a little English again haha. The area of Agulha is actually shared with a companionship of sisters. It’s weird cuz there isn’t a division of the area for us; it’s just like whoever gets there first gets the baptism hahaha. The members also like the sisters a lot more than the Elders (naturally) haha so it’s a little tough on that aspect. It sure is different than any other area I've been in, but it’s okay.

Our house is actually really small for four people, and there isn't enough room for us to do anything. We’re trying to get another bigger house cuz this isn’t working very well. We have to sit on the floor or the bed to study cuz we don’t have enough tables, and we only have one bunk bed...oh and we don’t have an oven and stove. It’s pretty tough circumstances, but don’t worry. The mission says that they will take care of things. 

This week the ward had three baptisms, 2 were of the sisters, and 1 was ours. We baptized a girl who is 10 years old.  We found her cuz she has been going to church for about two years straight but never was baptized. She lives right behind the church practically, and she goes there just about every day. Everyone thought she was already a member even though she wasn’t haha. It was tough to get her mom to sign the form, but she supports her and let her get baptized on Friday! We don’t have too many other people to teach here yet, so this week we’re gonna have to work quite a bit. The area is super, super big, and it’s tough to walk to all the parts haha. We seem to need to walk way more here, and it’s super tiring. But the good thing is that the ward already sent in the papers to divide the ward and are just waiting for a response. Soon the ward will get divided and that’s gonna be great in the growing of the church here.

I need to go already and I’m a little bit rushed, but I love you guys! Although the temple wasn’t announced this conference, we will never give up!


Elder Andrus

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