Monday, April 30, 2012

Week 79 - 19 March 2012

Hey there aí! I went on splits with one of my Zone Leaders this week. He came into my area, and Elder R. went over to his. He stayed here for Wednesday and Thursday, and I guess it was good. We have a lot of really good investigators, but we definitely need to find lots of new ones this week. This week we have a goal for three baptisms. Unfortunately, the family we are teaching, only the wife was able to go to church cuz the husband was working :(  So we’re gonna have to set their date for next week. But she said she adored the church, and she even took a friend with her. We’re working a lot with them, and they are both progressing really well, as well as our other candidates for baptism this month. The transfer will be on the 27th of this month, and there is a big possibility that I might be transferred, which means I won’t be here for their baptism... but we’ll see how everything works out.

Sorry this email is so short but since we ran to the mission home today, we lost a lot of our p-day and don’t have too much time to write now. (I feel like I say this in every email haha). I love you guys, and I’m grateful for the support and the blessings.

Elder Andrus

We found Guarana Jesus Zero ... so funny!

Ver-O-Peso Market in Belém 3-19-12
Vero-O-Peso Market in Belém  3-19-12

Belém  3-19-12

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