Monday, April 30, 2012

Week 80 - 26 March 2012 Last week in Cabanagem

Bom dia! So last night we found out about the transfer, and I’ll be transferred tomorrow to a place called Icoaraci. I’ll be in the Agulha Ward. I've never been over to that part of the area so I have no clue what it’s gonna be like. Elder R. will stay in Cabanagem, and we actually don’t know who will be his companion...we think he’ll be called to be a trainer. My new companion (as crazy as this sounds) will be Elder P. Yes, the same Elder P. that was my companion in Capanema about six months ago. Weird huh? I’m still waiting to get my first American companion, but the Lord just keeps blessing me with Brazilians! Elder P. and I get along well. It won’t be too tough. We’ll see how this next transfer goes.

This week we had two baptisms here in Cabanagem! One was of a boy who is the brother of some members and is a real fireball hahah. He’s way cool. He chose me to baptize him, but out of nowhere we had to go to Ananindeua to do two baptism interviews, and we got back super late for the baptism. We were running to the church and when we got there, the bishop was all ready to baptize him cuz he thought we weren't able to make it. He saw us and said, “I thought you weren't gonna come!" Haha  That day was stressful, but it all turned out wonderfully in the end. 

The other baptism was a girl that almost got baptized when I was here with Elder R. But Elder R. and I felt like we should go back last week cuz she lives the commandments and everything. We put a date on her for this past Saturday but then she said that she didn't want to anymore. We were pretty sad.  On Friday night, we decided to go back over there to her uncle and aunt’s house (who are members), and we talked to her. She decided to get baptized this past weekend! It was for sure a miracle cuz out of no where, it seemed like all her fear and doubts were just washed away! Her baptism was Sunday morning because she wanted her uncle to baptize her, and he couldn't on Saturday night. He’s the second counselor of the stake so he had lots of meetings. There were tons of young women at her baptism and tons of people to support and help her. I haven’t seen her as happy as she was on Sunday since the first day I started teaching her. It was great to see the girls helping her.

The family that we have been teaching here went to church yesterday and they loved it. They were surely a couple chosen by the Lord to hear the gospel. They will be baptized this week, but unfortunately I will be transferred tomorrow and won’t be able to see it. It stinks, but it’s nice to know the Lord wants me in a different place at this time.

Love you guys tons, and don’t forget to pray for the BELÉM TEMPLE to be announced this Saturday at General Conference! This week the mission baptized 70 people (having only 55 companionships in the mission), and until now 178 for this month. The mission is seeing miracles like crazy, and I’m excited to see the temple be announced!

Até próxima!

Elder Andrus

This is an amazing family ... so humble
I ate my last lunch in Cabanagem with this family 3-26-12

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