Monday, April 30, 2012

Week 78 - 12 March 2012 Ore para que o templo

Olá gente! This week we had a Leadership Meeting on Tuesday with Presidente Campos, and it was really good. Our goal as a mission and in the entire area of Pará and Amapá is for the Temple of Belém to be announced by the Prophet on the 31st of this month at General Conference. This is the THE month for us to deserve the temple here. One more stake in our mission was approved last week which makes 8 in all (5 new stakes from when President Campos arrived here).

All the members of the church and the missionaries are praying for the temple to be announced, and it’s a really cool experience being able to see the unity of everyone having the same goals and mindsets to earn a temple in this region of Brasil. President called this month the Month of Sanctification, which really means doing everything with exactness and such. We also had a Stake Conference on Sunday in the Cabanagem Stake where President and Sister Campos gave talks exactly about this. It gave everyone a good spirit to keep their eyes fixed on the temple and to have a certainty that it’ll be announced. An unshakeable faith knowing that the Lord answers the prayers of His children when it is according to His will. I’m really excited to watch general conference this month and to watch the temple of Belém being announced. I invite you to pray for these same things too. :)

This week we found a golden family! It’s a man and his wife, and they are progressing really well and fast. They live right next to the Bishop so that’s great for his support. I really hope they keep progressing to be baptized before I leave this area.

Also, another funny thing that happened to me was yesterday at lunch, I got my finger caught in the container that has something called "farinha", which is a type of flour we put on the food here. I don’t know why but I put my finger in and it got stuck and wouldn’t let loose haha. It was restricting my finger, and it turned all purple and everything and starting hurting. Even with soap it wouldn’t come loose, and the girls there were freaking out and ended up cutting the thing to get my finger loose...hahaha it was kinda embarrassing but super funny. My finger was hurting the rest of the day and is a little cut up but it was hilarious.

I have to go already, but I love you guys!

Elder Andrus

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