Monday, April 30, 2012

Week 77 - 5 March 2012

Howdy! This week was a tough week with the work. It seemed like lots of things were falling through, like we worked a lot and got exhausted but didn't see the fruits of the labor. On Sunday we had a lot of new investigators that were going to come to church with us, but NOBODY went. That seems like one tough thing around here. We have a good amount of people who like us a lot and accept the message we have, but it’s tough to get them to actually progress and to go to church and make a big change in their lives. They’re out there, but it’s tough haha.

As we were out with the bishop this week, we passed the house of an inactive member who has been inactive for about 6 or 7 years. We got to know him more, and he is really cool and super open. When he went to grab his scriptures, he showed me some Elders that wrote their testimonies in the book. I noticed a name that was familiar to me. I saw that an Elder Blackner in 2004 wrote in it, and I thought when you told me that one of the Blackner’s sons served here in Belém. I told this man that I thought I knew one of the Elders. What a small world. haha  He was active in a place called Cidade Nova when he was there, but soon after, his wife died, and he ended up falling away from the church and getting another "wife" too. It’s sad news to Elder Blackner, but we’re working on reactivating him. Just a cool thing I thought I’d share.

As for me, I’m good with health and everything. We have a Leadership Meeting tomorrow with President, and I’ll get 2 packages from you guys there...yay!  

Love you guys!

Elder Andrus

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