Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Week 82 - 9 April 2012

Olá gente! So, this week was a pretty tough week. With the fact that the area is huge and we don’t  have a division in the area with the sisters yet, the work seems a little messy. I have a goal to leave here with everything organized and to make it easy for the future missionaries cuz I know it’s hard when it’s not. I’m finally getting a hang of the area a little bit, so that’s a good thing! This transfer will only be 5 weeks long instead of 6 like normal, so that means the transfer will already get over in 3 weeks (maybe that’s a good thing or maybe it’s a bad thing haha).

So this week we fixed the problem we had with the other missionaries who were living in our house. It was literally like having 4 elders in a house that is comfortable for just 2. So, they moved out and went to a super big house in their own area and some other sisters moved in with the sisters of my district. It’s so much better. We cleaned out the house and organized everything, and now it’s a pretty nice place to live. We got an oven and gas this morning in Belém, so now I don’t think we’re lacking anything. Ainda bem!

This Easter weekend was full of Catholic parties and festivals (since the Catholic culture is really strong here). So starting on Friday until Sunday it was just full of parties and drunk people on the street. Not many actually celebrating the true reason for Easter. 
For this week now we have a young man who has a baptismal date for this Saturday, along with a lady and another girl from the sister missionaries. Our investigator went to church on Sunday, and he’s good friends with the Elders Quorum President. So this week we just need to prepare him a little more, and he’ll hopefully be ready for baptism!

Well that was a little catch up on the things happening in my life. Love you guys! I can’t wait to be able to talk to you next month!

Elder Andrus

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