Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Week 86 - 7 May 2012 Batismo na Cabanagem

Olá Família! This week I have lots of cool things to say! Haha. Lots of good and also interesting stuff happened this week. The work is going pretty well here with Elder C.  again. At church yesterday, the Bishop and the Stake Presidency announced the division of the Agulha Ward! Now I actually am officially not a missionary of the Agulha Ward anymore, but of the new ward that was formed called the Augusto Montenegro Ward. Yeah the name is a lot longer and harder to say now haha. But that sure was cool to see the ward and the area growing and to have a new ward here.

Also, even though we didn't have a baptism, at the Leadership Meeting we had on Wednesday I talked to the Elders that are in Cabanagem to see how the investigators are that I taught. They told me that M. decided to get baptized! He already bought a suit and everything! I asked to go and watch the baptism, and I got permission. I was stoked! On Saturday morning, I got a call from the zone leaders in Cabanagem. They told me that M. chose me to baptize him!
So on Saturday, Elder C. and I headed over to Cabanagem (about 30 or 40 min. away), and we had a beautiful baptismal service for him. It was sure great to see people there again. I forgot just how much I liked that area. M. is a really powerful man that will definitely help the church a lot with his service. He’s here to help and work too, so I’m super happy to  see how out fruits in the area will bless the church there. I’ll send pics.

So yeah some interesting things that happened this week -- as we were walking on the street in a pretty busy neighborhood, we looked over to a little house to the left and saw a girl on the telephone walk out of the door. I thought something was weird, but as we got closer I realized what was so weird about her - she totally wasn’t wearing a shirt...hahaha. There is another thing that happened yesterday that I  thought was hilarious, but I think I’ll save it to tell you on Mother´s Day haha.

I think that´s about it! Now we’re gonna go home and have lunch that the sisters will make for us :) haha  Can´t wait to talk to you guys on Skype. Inform Rio about the times and all so I can talk to her too please!

Amo vocês!

Elder Andrus
Elders during a division
P-day festa!

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