Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Week 29 - 4 April 2011

Hey!  I got another letter from you guys through missionties and the other letter with recipes and pictures and stuff today!  I haven’t written to you guys through missionties in a while, and I have 4 letters to respond to haha but I’ll write one today to respond to those letters - no worries.
So this week we had a baptism on Thursday of a lady called Rozene.  We’ve been working with her for quite a while now and she finally got baptized!  She has a son in the ward, Tiago, who is serving a mission right now in Curitiba, Brasil.  She didn’t start investigating the church until after he left on the mission, but I think that it was his example of being a faithful young man to go serve the Lord that made her have the desire to go to church and receive the missionary lessons.  I had the opportunity to baptize her, and I just sent him an email today with the picture of the baptism telling him the good news.  It was pretty sweet.

How was General Conference for you guys?  It was different hearing it in Portuguese haha.  I could understand it, but it definitely didn’t have the same feeling as it does when you hear the actual voices with their feeling put into the talks.  And plus I was a little sick and actually could go to watch conference, but we made it there to watch all the sessions.  It was pretty hard for me to concentrate, so I’m looking forward to getting the Liahona this next month to be able to read the talks.

So this week I was thinking about some cool experiences that I’ve had here because everyone always wants me to tell them some cool stories and stuff.  And it’s funny because all the weird things that happen here seem to be becoming more and more normal to me as the days go on haha.  But as I was trying to think of some weird or cool stories, we were walking in the street, and I saw this truck parked on the side of the road. I saw something move slightly in the bed of the truck, but I didn’t think anything of it. But then as we got closer, I looked in the bed of the truck to find one of those Brazilian white bulls with huge horns tied down and staring right at me hahaha.  I have no idea why there was a tranquilized bull in the bed of the truck, but I seem to see weird things like this everyday and don’t even notice that it’s out of the ordinary haha.

And we still don’t know if we’ll be able to go to Belém to hear Elder Anderson or not... So I have no idea what the plans are about that.  I really hope we’re able to go, because if not I think we’ll be the only zone that won’t be there.  How sad huh?

Well, I love ya´ll and have a good week!  Até próxima!

-Élder Andrus

Another shirt that I got from the Carnaval that they have here in Orixi haha. It´s funny because the slogan here in Orixi is "Spoca Bode" which means "Blow up the Goat". Hahaha so that´s why there´s a goat on the front. I don´t know where this saying came from either. And it´s funny cuz the word Spoca isn´t used in any other place in Brasil, just here in Pará haha.

Baptism of Rozene!

Com Rozene, Irmã Valmira, Bispo, Rosalia

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