Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Week 26 - 14 March 2011

Sorry I didn’t email last week, things were pretty rushed here.  We couldn’t even go to the post office last p-day because it was a holiday.  And seeing as we can only go to get letters on p-day, we had to wait another week.  But not too much happened last week, so no worries. 

This transfer ends tomorrow, and Elder Costa and I are staying here in Oriximiná together again.  That’ll make 6 months here for me and 7 and a half for him.  And that means that we’re gonna be together for 6 months; that’s quite a long time to be stuck with one companion, don’t ya think?  It’s funny because Elder Costa was so sure that he was going to get transferred, he basically already said bye to like all the members haha.  And now he’s gonna have to say bye a second time when he actually leaves. Haha.  Sometimes we joke around and say that President probably forgot about us way out here in the middle of nowhere haha.  We actually havent’t received an email or anything from him in a while, and we have no contact with him. haha  But I’m sure he didn’t forget.  We’re actually going on exchanges with the zone leaders today.  Well, when I say today, I mean that they are going to arrive here in Orixi this afternoon, and then I’m going to take a boat with one of them to Santarém tonight.  And since it’s so inconvenient to make exchanges with us and Santarém because of the distance, I’m actually going to stay there for a week, until stake conference this weekend, have p-day there, then return back here in a week. I’ve never heard of a week-long exchange before haha but it’ll be good to get to go to Santarém and work there for a little while.

So a little about this past week - We didn’t have any baptisms last week or this past one either.  We have a few people with dates, but they all fell through.  Remember those 5 baptisms we had planned?  Three fell through, and we were sure that they would be ready for the next week.  But the boy, Rangel, stopped answering our phone calls, and we don’t know where he lives.  So he just sort of disappeared, so that was sad.  And the other girl, Simone, decided to back out and said that she’s enjoying another church here more. Urghh.  But the other girl, Dayane, is getting everything straightened out to be baptized this week, we’re hoping.  So that’s real good. We have a few other potential baptisms coming up too.  So I’ll let you guys know some more about them in a week or two.

On Sunday, our recent baptism, Rosalia, received a calling as the leader of activities of the Young Women to help bring together the young women and strengthen the ward.  I have no doubt that she will magnify the calling and help the young women program a lot here.  Also, for Sunday School and the Gospel Principles class, the teacher didn’t show up, and guess who got asked to give the class with 3 minutes to prepare? Haha.  Yep, they asked me haha.  We had I think 3 investigators in the class with us, and Elder Costa didn’t help me at all haha.  Gosh that was nerve wracking.  But I think it went okay.  It was about The Life of Christ, so it wasn’t too hard.  But I just hoped that they would be able to understand haha.  Oh and are you guys still getting Ensigns every month at home? We get the Liahona here every month, and I’m really beginning to enjoy reading them! They really have some good talks and stories.  I’m thinking that it would be cool to order them in Portuguese for me when I return back home haha.

Well love ya guys!  Até próxima semana!

-Élder Andrus

A couple in the ward that has been members for quite a while. Irmão Adecido and Irmã Maria. There´re cool and always give us snacks when we visit. They actually just got sealed in the temple this last month when members here in Pará made a trip to the temple in Recife.

On Sunday we took a picture with the ward missionaries in the ward who just got Preach My Gospel´s to study.

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