Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Week 28 - 28 March 2011

So this week was a pretty tough week, but we definitely had a couple miracles here. We got back from Santarém on Wednesday morning, and after our training there, we made a goal of three baptisms by the end of this week.  Our zone really needs to get to work by the end of this month to be able to go to Belém and see Elder Neil L. Anderson speak.  So during the week, we had two fasts for our goals this week, and we worked hard to achieve these three baptisms.  And... we had two on Saturday and one after church on Sunday!  The Lord really helped us to be able to meet our goal for this week.  

On Saturday, we baptized a woman, Aldenilsa, and a girl, Leiliane.  Aldenilsa was a really special baptism because we had been working with her ever since we started teaching Rosalia.  They are really good friends, and the only problem was that Aldenilsa has five kids, lived with the dad, but they aren’t married.  But this week she put her faith in the Lord and booted the man out!  So it was really cool to be able to see her faith grow during the time that we’ve been teaching her.  And the other 13 year old girl, Leiliane, is a daughter of an investigator, and she really likes the church.  We only started teaching her on Thursday, but she learned fast and had the desire to be baptized.  And since she has already visited the church we were able to baptize her too.  Then after church on Sunday, we baptized one of the sons of Aldenilsa.  He’s 11, and I had the chance to baptize him.  He’s funny and was really interested in learning new things about the
church too. 

We still don’t know if we’ll be able to go to Belém yet, but I think we’re gonna have to work real hard until the end of the month on Thursday to get some more baptisms to reach our goal as a zone and as a mission.  So hopefully we’ll find out this week. 

On Sunday, our newest member, Rosalia, gave a talk in Sacrament Meeting about faith.  And wow was it good.  You would never guess that she has only been a member for about a month.  It was definitely better than any talk I’ve given and probably than I ever will give haha.  It’s pretty cool to be able to teach these people and watch them grow into great members of the church.

Love ya guys and have a great week!

Élder Andrus

Yeah these shoes are pretty much ruined after my week in Santarém haha

Our two baptisms and families and friends

With José Nilson before the baptism

Me with Leiliane (far left), Aldenilsa (middle), and Rosalia

Our tough faces!

José Nilson´s baptism

Zona Santarém!

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