Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Week 30 - 11 April 2011

Oí Família!

So I’m not so sure what’s gonna happen for this next transfer - if I’ll stay or go, but I think it’ll be for the best to not send any more letters to Oriximiná because there is a fair chance that I might be transferred here in a few weeks.  Just warning ya. 

But this week was pretty slow.  After I was a little sick, Elder Costa got sick too and ended up having to stay at home resting for a little while.  So we didn’t get as much done as we would have liked because of that.  But yesterday we had a meeting with all the ward missionaries, and they all went out on the streets and started making contacts, handing out Books of Mormon and getting addresses of these people as references for us. They ended up getting about 16 that night, so now we’re gonna have some good and interested people to teach this coming week.  I think they should do this every week haha. Because here in this region, knocking doors almost never works here.  And the way to really get people to teach is through references and the members.  So we’ll see how this turns out.

As an example of this, during the week we went out with the Bishop, and he took us to a family that he knows.  When we got there, the man just woke up and got out of his hammock and was excited to see us.  He was telling us that that day, he was planning on traveling to one of the suburb cities here, but he was feeling as if he shouldn’t.  So he ended up staying.  He wasn’t sure why he shouldn’t go or not, but he stayed anyway.  And it seems that right after he made his decision to stay, he returned back home, took a nap in his hammock, woke up, and then we arrived.  And after the lesson, he told us that he knew why he shouldn’t have gone on his little trip because servants of the Lord were planning on dropping by.  He was really grateful for our visit, and he has a big desire to change his life too.  He has a wife and 9 kids, and actually has to travel to here in a few days until the 20th.  We might not be here to teach him, but for sure the Bishop with other missionaries will be able to teach him and help him come closer to Christ.  So there is power in references and actually going with the missionaries to the homes of our friends to share the gospel.  I know for a fact that when I get back, I’m gonna be giving a lot more references to the Elders than I have in the past haha.

So about the trip to Belém, I think we’ll be able to go, but we’re still not sure.  President Campos bought the tickets already but wants to see us work hard right up till the day we leave to show that we deserve to see Elder Neil L. Anderson.  So, we gotta keep puttin our shoulder to the wheel and gettin at it haha because we really want to go to Belém.  For sure to be able to see an Apostle of the Lord, but also it feels like we’ve been trapped here for half a year, and we need a little air haha.  Being this far and isolated, Oriximiná feels more like a home town to us than a town where we do our work.  It’ll be a weird change getting to leave and go to the city in Belém.

And one thing that I’m noticing, and I’m not really that fond of, is that my white shirts seem to be getting baggier and baggier every day.  I think I’m about at 145 right now, I’m not sure.  But hopefully I’ll gain some weight back when I serve in other areas of the mission though.  I hear that everybody that serves in the Santarém Zone loses more weight than the others haha.

Love ya´ll!  I send a letter through missionties this week, so hopefully you’ll get that soon!

-Élder Andrus

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