Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Week 25 - 7 March 2011

Oops… Elder Andrus forgot to write an email! Silly boy. Good thing he sent pictures!

So at our district meeting we decided to climb this hill to take some cool pictures and stuff. So we went out behind the house where we do our meeting to the farm with the cows and bulls and stuff. 

But we found that there were two barbed wire fences in between us and the hill. As we looked around, all of the cows were fenced in on the other side, so it was all clear to go, all we needed to do was get passed the fences. 

So we went under the first one, then found that one of the bulls got out of the fenced area and was in our way to get to the hill!He looked mad, but he was harmless. So we went under the other fence and got passed the bull and made our way up the hill. It was pretty adventurous. And we had permission so no worries haha.

So we got to the top and it was really pretty. We had a great look of the whole Amazon! Haha it was pretty sweet. 

So we took some pictures in the jungle we found there and wanted to take a picture with the 4 of us on the top of the hill, but there was no where to put our cameras. 

So, I came up with the idea of hanging my camera on a tree branch and putting it on the timer thing to take a picture. Pretty thrifty huh? But right as I did that, the wind started to act up and it took a few tries to get a semi straight picture of us haha but it worked out.

 The dog of the lady who lives at the house there followed us up there and he wanted to be a part of the picture too haha. We named him Eldinho haha.

Then we took another picture of us in the shack at the bottom of the hill.

This is a thing in the Liahona here in Brasil. It´s cool and talks about stake Santarém and Pres Campos and the stake presidency. I thought it was cool. Pres Lira is really cool.  

This is a shirt from Carnaval here in Oriximina. I thought it was cool but thought it was impossible to get being a missionary and all, and that Carnaval is really bad and against everything the church teaches. But amazing the second counselor in our ward, Alessandro, found a way to get one for me and will get another type for me this week haha sweet deal.

I got a moto taxi shirt! Dad will like this haha. Alessandro works as a moto taxi person and got me this brand new shirt. Sure I traded him my black Nike shorts and some m&m´s haha but I think it was worth it. It´s comfy and he´s still gonna give me another Carnaval shirt and another t shirt of his. Brasilians really like Nike for some reason.

Alessandro´s moto. Yeah I want one when I get back haha

On our way to Repartimento. I guess I took a quick nap on the way there haha.

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