Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Week 23 - 21 February 2011

Olá Família!

Tudo certo?  Because of the Zone Conference in Santarém at the beginning of the week, we didn’t have as much time here in Orixi to work.  We didn’t get back till about Wednesday, but it was a really good conference with Presidente Campos and Sister Campos. I definitely learned a lot.  And I learned that Pres. Campos is really hard to understand haha. He has an accent from northeastern Brasil, and it is wayyy different than what I’m used to.  I’m starting to get used to the ´´shhhh´´ sounds like how they talk here in the Amazon, but his accent is totally the opposite haha.  Even some Brasilians have a hard time understanding him sometimes, I think.  But during my interview with him, we were talking and he asked me if I knew that I was senior companion.  I said no – no one told me.  Then he said well, I guess you know now haha.  So yeah, I became senior companion already here in my 3rd transfer.  It’s weird though because I’m still with my “dad” of the mission and in my first area.  The people here still look at me like the American that can’t understand anything, and it’s tough to gain their trust here. And since Elder Costa is District Leader, I still don’t have many responsibilities in the companionship that a normal senior comp would have.  But Pres. told me that this will be something for me that will prepare me for other things in a couple more transfers.  I don’t really feel prepared yet to have a type of leadership position because Elder Costa still does everything.  But it’ll sure be a good growing experience, forcing me to really push myself. 

So after our Zone Conference, we got all of our letters and packages, and I got a big box from you guys with ties and snacks and goodies, and then a little package from Rio.  I really liked the BBQ sunflower seeds too!  Sunflower seeds are one thing that I have been missing out here for sure.  On our way back from Santarém, Sister Beery, Sister Davis, Elder Costa, and I took a boat back to our areas.  And turns out that Sister Beery really likes sunflower seeds too haha because she played softball.  So we pretty much devoured the bag and ate a ton. Haha.

This week, we baptized that lady, Rosalia, on Friday.  Man, I think that was the best baptism we’ve had.  It was really spiritual, and she was crying afterward.  Then we went to a member’s house and had a little get together with cake and pop.  I can tell she’s gonna be a really strong member.  She already has the desire to spread the gospel and everything!  Today we’re going to teach one of her friends with her, and she told us that she didn’t want to wait very long to tell her friends about the gospel because she knows that it’ll bring a light into their lives.  Que bom né?!

Our other baptism, Cintia, fell through.  But we put another date on her for this next Saturday and made her sister promise to do all she can to make sure they’re in town and everything.  We also have another boy, Rangel, and a girl, Simone, preparing for this next Saturday too.  So we’re gonna be working with them to be all ready, and hopefully we’ll have 3 baptisms this week!  I just hope that none of them travel or something, because that’s one thing that people here always do last minute.  Since this isn’t a very big and economical town, people travel to other cities a lot.  So that makes it hard sometimes. 

Oh and also, we’re reading the Book of Mormon as a mission, 2 chapters per day, so that we can finish by the end of April.  So I’ve been reading it in Portuguese and am already in chapter 10 of Alma.  I’m still relying on that promise that whoever reads the entire Book of Mormon in a language will be fluent by the time they finish haha.  So April’s the goal!  And I’m really excited for Rio’s mission call!  Hopefully she gets it this week so I can find out next p-day. 

Well love ya´ll and thanks for the packages and everything!  Obrigado e amo vocês por tudo que vocês fazem!

-Élder Andrus

PS  I attached a photo of our zone with Presidente Campos e Sister Campos at our Zone Conference (2-15-11).

Our zone with Presidente Campos e Sister Campos at our Zone Conference

Rosalia’s baptism. A member here, Élcio, baptized her

Sister Beery took this for me on our way back from Santarém

A photo of the dock in Santarém from the boat we were on

I tried to call you guys but the parrot wouldn´t let me... Haha jk.
This was in Santarém. We thought it was cool.

Yep these are chickens in a tree. Haha i don´t know how they got up
there, but I guess they can fly here in the Amazon! Haha.

Cool pen I bought. Boas lembranças de Santarém.

Sweet wallet I bought from a guy in Óbidus who makes cool things like
this. It´s the fur of a wild cat here haha

A family in the ward gave me a shirt that they customized for us!
Pretty sweet huh?

We went out for pizza for Elder Costa´s pizza with some people from the ward. And I´m not drinking beer haha it´s called Guaraná :) and it´s yummy!

We actually found something cool here for once haha this place has a
square and this pond with fish! Pretty cool.

This is the family that gave me the shirt and went with us to pizza and
stuff. They are cool but also really hard to understand haha

The son of that family

He took a pic of me and apparently I didn´t want him to haha

Yeah we made cookies for Elder Costa´s b-day

We actually made cookies! Haha they never heard of cookies before

Bom Dia Oriximiná!

Hahaha bacana né?

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