Saturday, February 18, 2012

Week 74 - 13 February 2012 Carnival

Hey there family! We found out the transfer is today, and I will be staying here in Cabanagem. My new comp will be Brazilian again. He has only about 5 months on the mission, I think, and I will continue as the District Leader here (for the 5th transfer in a row) haha. I was hoping for a little bigger change with this transfer, but it’s all good.

This week now is the starting week of Carnival here in Belém, so I’m thinking this week is going to get pretty crazy and the work will be tough. I’m not sure if we’ll have to stay locked up at home, but we’ll see. The last Carnival that I saw here I was in Oriximiná, and it lasted two 2 months just on the weekends. Here I’ve heard it’ll be a little different and a lot more wild haha. Definitely not something the missionaries should be seeing and experiencing haha.

As for this past week, it was a good week. We had two baptisms planned, but unfortunately one of them told us that she didn’t want to anymore, and the father of the boy didn’t let we went without a baptism this week. It has actually been quite a while since our last one, but we have two more planned for this coming week. They weren’t able to go to church yesterday, so we'll see. Lots of our investigators lately have been falling through, so lately I’ve just been praying for someone that will make it until the waters of baptism.

I actually forgot my notes to write to you this week haha so sorry!

Love you guys!

Elder Andrus

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