Saturday, February 18, 2012

Week 72 - 30 January 2012 Blessings of being DL

Hey! This week was a good week for our district! The Elders in my district from another area had six baptisms! And I had the opportunity to make all of the interviews with them. Of these six consisted a family with their son, their niece, another friend, then another boy. The family is super cool, and we became automatic friends with everybody from there. The man has such a strong testimony of the church already, the interview was a testimony builder. One of the blessings of being a District Leader is getting to see the success of your district and being able to meet the people from their areas too.

We have lots of men as referrals, and we’ll have lots of new investigators this coming week. We have really been focusing on finding men and families to teach because it is really with the men and the Priesthood where the church here is going to grow. And as we find men, we’ll also find wives and kids.

Oh and also, a couple weeks ago I met a new Sister who arrived here recently who is from Seattle! Her name is Sister K.....(hmm I forgot how you spell it haha). But something cool is that she’s cousins with the Havili´s from our ward! Small world huh? So that was kinda cool, being able to talk about the good old Pacific Northwest with her haha. 

Oh, and I also got the little package from the young women in our ward. I liked it a lot! Super nice with the pics and the letters. A big thanks for the encouragement from the young women organization.

I’m a little short on time like always, so that’s it for now!

Com todo o meu amor,

Elder Andrus

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