Monday, November 21, 2011

Week 62 - 21 November 2011 Leaving Capanema

Wassup! So this week was pretty sad, not gonna lie. I’m getting transferred from Capanema, and I’ll be going to Cabanagem again, but this time I’ll be in the Cabanagem Ward. I won’t say that I’m not excited haha cuz I’ll go wherever the Lord calls me, but I like the little small towns.  
My new companion will be Elder Rodrigues.  He’ll be my fifth straight Brazilian companion on the mission. Haha. I was rooting for an American so I can have a little break from the Portuguese, but it seems like the Lord really wants me to do well with the Portuguese language haha.

So the members here threw me a little goodbye party on Sunday night. It was super sad. Capanema really is a place that lives in my heart. I love all the people here and this place. Although it’ll be good to get transferred, it’s gonna be hard to leave.  I have already said all my goodbyes, and there were lots of tears shed.  It’s probably not good to become so attached to the people where you serve, since you know that one day you will be transferred, but I can’t help it. Capanema will be a place that I’ll never forget and was really such a great place to serve 6 months of my mission. The whole goodbye thing actually reminded me of the goodbyes when I was leaving SVU.  I said goodbye to all the people I love, knowing that I will probably never see them ever again in this lifetime. But I’m happy.  We’ll travel to Castanhal in about an hour, then tomorrow we’ll be heading to Belém.

I love you guys, and I’m grateful for all of your support. Tchau!

Élder Andrus

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