Monday, November 21, 2011

Week 60 - 7 November 2011

Hey there ya´ll!  So this past week was a little slow and stuff cause I was a little sick, but besides that it was still a good week. I’m feeling a lot better now and this week will be good. We have a girl that will be baptized this coming week.  She’s a 21 year old girl who really has a lot of desire to change. She used to be a part of many worldly things, but now she is really turning to the Lord for help. It was cool the way that we met actually. She told us that a couple days before we met, she was getting pizza with tons of friends, and they starting talking about the subject of religion. Then they started talking about the "Mormons" that walk on the street and everything and lots of rumors and stuff that people spread here about the church. This sparked her interest, and she started to really get the desire to know more about it and if these things were true. Then, the other day she was with a girl we recently baptized, and she mentioned that she was a part of the church. Then that same day we ran into them on the street and marked a date to visit her and help her out. She believes that the Lord put her in our pathway, and it was a sign to her that this is the right way to go. I also think that. It’s crazy how the Lord works. Just about a couple days after she asked the Lord for help in this respect, the Lord acted and put her in our way to teach her.

Love you guys! I’ll let you know more next week!

Élder Andrus

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