Monday, October 3, 2011

Week 55 - 3 October 2011 General Conference in Castanhal

Hey there family!

This week was a really good week for us. We found lots of new people and have lots of people with dates for baptism for this month.  We’re preparing lots here, so I’m feeling that this month is gonna be a good one. But definitely the highlight of the week was General Conference. Here in Capanema there was only the transmission of the Sunday sessions, so we went to Castanhal on Saturday, and stayed there until this morning watching all the sessions over there. It was cool to be able to interact with the people from there and get to know more people too.

And as for conference, I absolutely loved both the sessions on Saturday. I think they were my favorites. My favorites were the talk from President Dieter F. Uchtdorf when he talked about the size of the universe and the creations of God, and as it seems our lives are small and don’t have much importance, when in reality everyone plays a huge part in the plan of God. I also liked the talk from Sis. Barbara Thompson as she talked about personal revelation, what it is, and also how can we get it and use it. It really helped me know what I have to do to get some answers to questions I have and decisions I have to make in this next coming year.

Two more talks I liked a lot were from David A. Bednar about the Spirit of Elijah and the great importance of the Restoration, and also from L. Tom Perry about being testimonies of Christ in all things and in all places. These were some that stuck out to me, and I was sure to take tons of notes.

I remember last conference when I was in Oriximiná.  I was really sick and also I didn’t understand much Portuguese, so I don’t have any notes at all from that conference. But this one I was able to understand every word that was said and comprehend a lot better the messages that they passed to us. It was a good experience to be able to watch conference. Sure it would have been easier if they had it in English, but I actually really enjoyed it in Portuguese.

Well, I gotta go already. But thanks for everything and for those packages I got last week for my birthday again haha.


Élder Andrus

Super Elder!

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