Saturday, September 24, 2011

Week 53 - 19 September 2011 Baptism

Olá Família! Como vocês estão? Tranqüilo? Que bom :) 

This week was a pretty good week for us. Just like last week, it was draining. We ended up walking a ton and having a ton of appointments fall through. If only we had a nice air conditioned car like Rio has in California...haha jk. But there sure is a lot of walking in the hot sun. But after one year already, I’ll be able to tough out the next year easy. My feet aren’t suffering as much as I thought they would too, so that´s good!

Although a lot of things fell through throughout the week, we had a baptism on Saturday that turned out really well. He’s the little brother of our latest baptism.  They are good kids and are sticking firm in the church. One of them already has the priesthood and comes to church with a shirt and tie and everything.  It’s really cool seeing the change in people and their progress.

I’m not sure if I already mentioned to you guys about some plans that we have to go to a beach city around here called Salinas, but we have plans to go there this week to baptize 5 people who are ready there. They accepted to be baptized this Saturday, so our plans are to go there on Thursday for me to interview them and everything, then we’d go back on Saturday to perform the baptism service there. Then on Sunday, they will have a caravan thing that will bring them to church here in Capanema for them to attend church here and be confirmed at sacrament meeting here. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?  My companion and I are really excited to have a good week and be able to go there to help the people there.  I’ll let you guys know this next week how it went, tá bom? :)

Besides this, I’m all good here. Good of health and everything.  Stay safe aí and have a good week!

Élder Andrus


Burned my shirt after one year

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