Sunday, September 18, 2011

Week 52 - 12 September 2011 One Year on the Mission!

Hey there back home! Do you guys know what this week is? It’s the week where I make one year on the mission! Man it’s passing by pretty quick, not gonna lie. I feel weird cuz I can already like see the mountain peak of the mission, and yet it feels like I got here yesterday. Haha  It’s a weird feeling knowing I already used up half my time here in Brasil already.

As for this last week, it was a real tiresome week with a lot of work, but it was good. We had a baptism planned for Saturday of a 13 year old kid named Tiago, but he wasn’t all the way prepared and we had to push it up for this next week. But he’s excited about it. He’s the brother of Patrique, the boy that we baptized about 2 weeks ago. We also have some other good investigators here that are preparing to be baptized this month too. A 12 year old boy named Késsio who is a referral from a member who is helping us teach him. Irmã Eliene is helping us with him, and he’s a real good kid and is really willing to follow the gospel. He has a date for the 24th of this month to be baptized.  I’m excited for him. We also are teaching a family of a man named Jaimilson. He has 2 brothers that are all in a pop-rock band (which is pretty legit) and his wife too who we’re teaching. They are all really smart and like us a lot. They haven’t gone to church yet, but are also a really willing family to follow the teachings of the gospel.  I can’t wait to be able to see them go to church and get baptized.

This week we had to travel some more too. On Saturday we spent the whole day basically traveling around to do baptismal interviews. We first had to go to Bragança in the morning before lunch, then return to Capanema to eat lunch, then head out to Castanhal to do another, then we had to return again back here to teach Késsio at 8:00. Yeah it was a big rush haha but I’m liking the traveling here. It just isn’t so fun when we get stuck in a little van, standing, with about 20 people, and without air conditioning haha.  But it’s all worth it in the end.

Well that was my week.  I’m all good here so don’t worry about a thing :)  Love you all!

Élder Andrus

Me and my companion

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