Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Week 50 - 29 August 2011 District Leader

Bem Vindo a Capanema (Welcome to Capanema)
Hey there back home! This week went well, and it’s also the week of the transfer. Elder Farias got transferred to an area in Belém, but I’m gonna stay here in Capanema with another Brazilian comp. I don’t know him much so we’ll see how things work out haha. And I also got called as the new District Leader here too. Pretty cool huh? I’ll be taking care of my companionship and 2 sisters in Castanhal (Sister Freitas and Sister Welch). It’ll be tough it seems, but I’m sure I’ll learn a lot of the calling as a leader.

Also, Saturday morning we had a baptism of a 15 year old boy who was an ELEITO for sure. We had a lot of help from the members, and they did practically everything to prepare him. His name is Patrique, and he’s a real cool kid. His dad even came to the baptism which was cool too.

As a goodbye for Elder Farias, a bunch of people went over to a member’s house and had a group of Capoeira and everything. So people were playing, then after we had a Family Home Evening, then like a party dance thing for the members haha.  It was fun. I even got pulled into the circle to fight Capoeira haha.  It was riduculous. Elder Farias was sneaky and got it on film haha - embarrassing.

One thing that I’m noticing is that my hair here is like super, super dried and burnt because of the sun. I can’t even like run my fingers through my hair anymore haha. They always say that here the missionaries go bald - bald because of the sun, and now I’m seeing that it really does happen haha. But hopefully my hair stays in place and doesn’t  start to fall out haha.

Love you all, and sorry I’m short on time again today. We need to take Elder Farias to Castanhal tonight so we’re rushed.

Love you!

Élder Andrus

Iguana found on the street 

Burning six-month tie!  A little late . . . 

Patrique's baptism 8-27-11

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