Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Week 46 - 1 August 2011 Playing catch with Elder Farias

Hey everyone!  This week was a good week, especially because last Tuesday I got that package that you guys sent to me with my 2 baseball mitts and a ball! Haha  That was definitely the best package I’ve gotten yet.  It’s been about 11 months since I’ve last played I have definitely needed a little tune up.  So actually today, Elder Farias and I went out to a nearby court and were playing catch for about an hour.  It was great.  I found out just how out of shape I am and how bad my arm is haha. But it was amazing to be able to throw again.  I had to teach Elder Farias how to throw and catch and stuff haha but he still couldn’t handle my heat!

So during the week, since all of our investigators that were preparing for baptism on the 30th fell threw, we didn’t have anyone ready. But we were searching, and we started teaching a nephew of a member here in the ward.  His name is Júnior, and he’s actually from Manaus, but is living here with his uncle for a while.  He has already gone to church a few times and liked it a lot.  As we were teaching him on Friday, we couldn’t find any reason for him not to be baptized on just the following day. So we were working with him, but Saturday morning, he confessed to us that the only problem is that he has a little problem with smoking.  But we’re gonna set goals with him to stop so he can be baptized this next week.  He has a great desire to follow Christ, so I know he’ll be able to stop without too many problems.  Besides that not too much else happened.  It was a week tranquilo.

Thanks for the package again!

Oh and P.S. Can you guys send me the picture of Rio in High School Musical 3 in an email so I can develop some here?  All of the little girls here in this ward went crazy when I told them my sister was in it and showed them the picture haha.  Thanks!

Com amor,

Élder Andrus

Pitching in Capanema 

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