Sunday, August 21, 2011

Week 48 - 15 August 2011 New Baptism Goal

Hey!  Sorry I didn’t get around to emailing on Monday.  It was a holiday here in Pará for some reason and there wasn’t internet.  So President Campos let us use it today on Wednesday.  This last week was pretty broke too.  During the week we worked read hard but it was a touch week for us.  But on Sunday at church, we received some referrals that we’ve been praying for.  We got 3 referrals from the members.  One is a sone of a member here who we’re gonna teach today, and we’re planning on baptizing him this week with the help of hid dad.  Another is a friend of a member who he took to church with him.  And another is a girl that lives at a really famous beach here about an hour and a half away from here called Salinas.  It’s a tourist place here and as missionaries we’re not allowed there.  But there are actually a lot of inactive members there, and we’re gonna ask for permission from the president to go there to be able to teach this girl.  Our bishop lives kinda close, and he’s gonna have a sacrament meeting there this Sunday, and he’ll take the referral there too.  So hopefully all of this works out!

Yesterday, we had a Zone Conference with 4 zones in Belém.  It was way good.  President Campos talked a lot about what we’re doing and what we’re not doing as a mission to help us.  We received new revelation too and have a goal of 250 baptisms per month as a mission.  We’re really working hard here to get a temple built in Belém.  The goal is to have it announced this next General Conference in October.  When President Campos got here as the mission president, there were only 3 stakes here in the state of Pará and Amapá.  He’s really changed the vision of all the members here cuz just in the 2 years he’s been here so far he’s been able to create 4 new stakes (so now we have 7) and there are 2 more that have been sent already to be approved.  Yeah the work here in the Brazil Belém Mission is amazing, and I’m positive that we’ll get a temple here real soon.

Love you guys and have a good week!

Até próxima!

Élder Andrus

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