Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Week 35 - 16 May 2011

Monday, May 16, 2011 – Week 35

Oí Família!  Not too much exciting happened this week, but it was a good week.  At church yesterday, on Sunday, I gave a talk.  Man I was nervous haha.  It was a talk for about 10-15 minutes about the priesthood.  You guys know just how much I don’t enjoy giving talks in English, but a talk in Portuguese, I found out I dislike even more haha.  It’s funny because after having to do things like teach classes or give talks in Portuguese, I wonder why I ever complained about doing that in  my native tongue haha.  It was about 12 minutes long.  But I think it turned out a little better than I was actually expecting it to.

So this next week, we were preparing about 6 people to be baptized for this next Saturday.  We have a family with the dad, Dário, the mom, Katiane, and two daughters, Dayane and Dayara.  But when we went over to their house on Sunday morning to take them to church, they weren’t able to go...And we need the dad to go to church one more time before we can baptize him, but it seems to be really tough cuz he has to take care of his blind dad at home.  But we’re gonna keep working with him.  We also have a man named Pedro that is going to be baptized this next Saturday.  He’s super ready and everything, so we’re pretty stoked.  He’s dating a girl of the church, and she’s really helping him and wants to marry him in the temple, so he’s learning about all this stuff and is really excited too.\

Besides this, one thing that was cool this week was that the member where we ate lunch at on Sunday has a monkey haha.  So I got to take a picture with it.  It was pretty scared and tried to bite me a lot so I couldn’t really touch it haha  but it was cool.

Okay love ya guys but I gtg!


Pet monkey at member's home

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