Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Week 36 - 23 May 2011

Hey!  So this week was another okay week.  It rained a ton here, every single day haha, but I think it’s getting to that time where the rains should stop a little and there should be more sun.  Cuz it’s funny, the people don’t really even know the seasons here in the north.  They don’t even know when winter or summer is.  They only know that during certain times of the year it rains like crazy everyday, and at other times there isn’t much rain but the sun is boiling hot here. Haha  So those are the two seasons here, and people say it’s starting to get into the hot season.  So I’m gonna have to get ready for that haha.
But as for this week, we had a baptism of that one man, Pedro.  He’s 29, and he’s dating a girl in the church.  He’s really enjoying the church and the people here too.  He’s been going to institute with her for a while too, so I think she’s gonna be a real good support for him to stay active and to keep choosing the right.  But as for the others, the other family wasn’t able to go to church again, so it doesn’t look like they’ll be able to get baptized this month...but we’re always praying and fasting for them to really overcome all their difficulties and to have the ability to go.  But this next Saturday, we’re planning a baptism for a girl who’s a daughter of a less active member that’s coming back to church. So hopefully everything will work out to for her this coming Saturday.

So this week, we were visiting a less active member and her husband.  They really like us, and she made us a type of food here that’s called Tacacá.  We were pretty excited to eat it as we were on our way over there, but oh my gosh.  It’s made of shrimp, but just imagine a type of shrimp broth, with a bunch of gooey mucus and shrimp on top hahaha. It was so hard to eat!  So that was a pretty fun experience this week.  Well, I’m short on time, so I have to go.
Tchau! Amo Vocês!

Baptism of Pedro 21 May 2011

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