Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Week 44 - July 18, 2011 Staying in Capanema

Hola! This week was the last week of the transfer here, and Elder Farias and I will both be staying here in Capanema.  I’m glad to be staying here and not being transferred just after one transfer like in Independência haha.  I’m liking the area here and the church here is growing pretty well.

Speaking of the church growing here, remember that we don’t have a chapel yet and we just meet in a house?  Well on Sunday, Bishop Pamplona announced that the grounds here to build a chapel were finally bought! It’s the area where the house is right now plus the two other houses to the side.  So they will start building it up within the next couple or months, I hope!

As for this week, we had two baptisms parked for this Saturday, but they both fell through. One was a girl named Andressa, who was a referral from a member family here, and the other was a lady named Elizeti who was also a referral from another member. But unfortunately, Andressa´s mom doesn’t want her to get baptized and won’t sign the form. And Elizeti´s whole extended family is threatening her that they will stop talking to her if she gets baptized. Yeah these are tough circumstances. We’re going to continue to help them out though. Besides these tough circumstances, during the week we found 8 new investigators that we started teaching. The only bummer is that none of them went to church with us yesterday. We walked all the way to their house to get them, and they wouldn’t even come with us haha. 

But anyway, that’s just about all that happened this week. Oh, and a returned missionary from Utah that served here visited the area here in Capanema and Belem.  It was pretty cool to see everyone talk to him again after like 3 years. His name is Spencer Esplin from Sandy, and he´s actually working in São Paulo right now. We took a pic together, and he said he’d email you guys haha.

Well, I think that’s about it!  Love ya´ll, and I hope you guys had fun in Arizona during the week!

Élder Andrus

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