Monday, July 4, 2011

Week 42 - 4 July 2011 Reimunda Candida's baptism

Hey Everyone!

This week was a pretty good week.  We had a baptism on Saturday of a lady, Reimunda Cândida, who is 87 years old.  Yeah, I think this is probably a record in the mission hahaha.  It was really cool because she lives really far away from the city on a farm, so we held the baptism in the middle of the forest at little opening of a little river.  We had to hike on a trail to get there, and even though she’s super old, we all made it there safely haha.  Her son baptized her, and I helped him put her under the water to baptize her.  It was a really cool experience, and her son confirmed her yesterday at church.  I’ll send some pics.  They are pretty sweet.
A little earlier in the week, we had a conference with President in Castanhal.  He brought all the mail and stuff for us, and he brought a package for me! haha  It was nice getting the package from you guys.  It came with that cable for the camera, garments, and other treats.  I liked it a lot!

Yesterday night, Elder Farias and I held a fireside for the ward here about missionary work.  We both gave our little talks and parts and spoke about it, and also the second counselor spoke too.  It was really good cuz more people showed up than we thought and they all liked it a lot. Hopefully it’ll help them have more of an idea of the importance of missionary work here!

I’m short on time today guys so please forgive me for the email being short.  But I love ya guys!  Thanks!

Élder Andrus

Teaching Reimunda Candida before her baptism

Reimunda's home outside of Capanema

Walking toward the river to baptize 87 year old Reimunda Candida

Reimunda's son and Elder Andrus performing baptism July 2, 2011

87 year old Reimunda being baptized in the river near her farm

Limpa e pura - July 2, 2011

Parabens - batizada - 2 de Julho 2011

Reimunda and her family, friends, and Elders Andrus and Farias

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