Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Week 43 - July 11, 2011 Baptism of Ivanilza

Hey there todo mundo!

Como estão ae? This was a good week. Remember that lady I told you guys about a couple weeks ago who saw us on the street and went to church two Sundays ago? Well we’ve been teaching her until then, and we baptized her this past Saturday. Her name is Ivanilza, and she’s got a really big desire to serve the Lord. She has a lot to learn as a new convert to the church because she is pretty...how can I say it...animated when it comes to talking about the gospel haha. But she’ll learn more and more every time she goes to church.

At the beginning of the week, there was a conference for all the district and zone leaders of the mission in Belém. So Elder Farias had to go to Belém, and I stayed here in Capanema for the day with the companion of the other district leader here. So the elder that I stayed with and worked with for the day is Elder Rodrigues, and he arrived here on the mission just about a week ago.  He’s from Argentina.  He’s the first Argentino here in the Belém Mission, and he doesn’t know anything about Portuguese haha. It was kinda funny cuz he speaks with a super strong Spanish accent and about half the words he says are in Spanish because he’s just beginning to learn Portuguese. So I ended up learning a bunch of things in Spanish that day haha. And I noticed just how different the accents of Spanish and Portuguese are different. It was super tough to understand what he was saying at the beginning of the day haha - but it was pretty fun.

We also received a bunch of good referrals from one of the members here who is helping us a lot. We had a Family Home Evening with her and her sister and also her neighbors last Friday, and we taught them yesterday. They really liked it and accepted a date for baptism too. So it seems that our fireside from last week is starting to work to help the members here!

Amo vocês e tenham uma boa viagem!

Elder Andrus

Baptism of Ivanilza 7-9-11

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