Friday, February 11, 2011

Week 21 - 7 February 2011

Opa Família!

Ta tudo bem com vocês?  This was the last week of my second transfer, and both Elder Costa and I are staying here in Oriximiná.  Everyone keeps telling me that I still have another 6 to 8 months here haha, but who knows.  The elder that is the new financial secretary now in Belém was here in Orixi as his first area, and he stayed here for 8 months.  Seems like a long time for one area huh? 

My energy seems to just be draining here though.  I’ve been having headaches and just been dead the past little while.  Not sure if it’s the lack of nutrition or what, but I’m definitely gonna try to eat more or something cause it’s a killer trying to work when you don’t have energy.  Our zone didn’t have the best transfer, and Presidente said that he’s not gonna change anything for this transfer so we can try to improve things.  Elder Costa and I have been trying to think of ways to improve, so hopefully we’ll have more success this coming transfer.  We’ve been trying to think of some things to strengthen the ward here, and our new ward mission leader is doing a lot of work to unite a lot of the members with missionary work.  So we’ll see how things turn out in the next couple weeks.

Oh and remember how there is only one kind of big market, one post office, and one bank here? The market went out of business this past week, so now we have to search through little stores to find the things we need, and usually that includes a lot of walking (I got my first blister on my feet from all the walking this week haha, and it’s pretty big too) :/  And we joke that now that the market went out of business, the post office and bank will both go out of business here too haha.  I sure hope not! 

So our last district meeting we decided to be in English, and I gave the training and stuff. Haha  Oh man, it was tough for everyone.  I think Sister Davis had the hardest time switching to English.  It was pretty funny.  But yeah, it was pretty fun for everyone to speak English.  Sister Beery liked it a lot and wanted to do it again soon haha  I do too.  It flooded while we were there too.  It rained the whole time while we were in Repartimento, and the little river there flooded a lot.  It was pretty cool, and I’ll send pictures, don’t worry. J 

Last week I received a letter from you guys and from the young men and women from our ward. Thanks a ton!  I loved it.  But...some worker here or somewhere dropped the letter in water or something, because it was all inky and wrinkly and the photo of the young women ended up sticking to the letter and ruining the picture L  But it’s okay.  I could still kinda see the photo haha so thanks! 

Love you guys, and I think that’s about it for this week.  Amo vocês!  Até próximo.

-Élder Andrus

Nosso batismo último sábado!


In the rain!

Our trail back home!

Me with Sister Beery´s umbrella haha and Elder Costa with Sister Davis´

Yeah usually there is only a little stream with farmland and trees.
but not today! Haha.

Umm this isn´t the toilet as you guys might have thought at first
haha. This is our washing machine. And no need to worry, we didn´t
fill it with urine. This is the water we get here in Oriximiná hahaha

My right shoe is starting to talk like this haha but its okay.
Sometimes I glue it shut for a couple days and it works just fine :)

We got this cup at Christmas time from the pres and his wife. It´s
pretty sweet. But that same day the kids of the stake president kicked
it and broke it...and I just recently fixed it :) just like new!

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