Friday, February 11, 2011

Week 19 - 24 January 2011

Olá Família!

Como vocês estão?  This week was pretty good.  We got a lot of new investigators this week too that seem to be interested.  But still with all of the new people we taught and invited to church, we had no one in sacrament meeting... I’m not sure what it is about these people here in Oriximiná, but they don’t do anything!  We had about 10 people that were going to come to church with us, but when we went to go get them in the morning they either wouldn’t answer, had already
left the house to go somewhere else, or tell us that they didn’t want to go anymore.  We’re not so sure what we need to do to get people to keep commitments. During the week we had a brother of a member in our ward stop us in the street and said ``Hey, I wanna be baptized!´´.  We weren’t really sure what to say back haha but we’re teaching him and he’s accepting everything, it´s actually pretty suspicious.  But we have him on date for baptism this Sunday after church (if he goes). Hopefully he’s being honest with us.  We also taught this other lady who seems to be interested in the church too.  After we taught her the first time, we asked her if she had any more questions after the lesson and she said ``Yeah, I wanna know when you guys will come teach me again´´. Haha  You don’t hear that too often here, so it was a nice change.  But we just really need to help them get to church and keep commitments.  And we have a girl, Missilene, that was supposed to be baptized last Saturday, but she had to go to Ôbidus and stay with her grandpa for a while, so we’re having the Sisters there take her to church and teach her, then maybe we’ll head over there to Ôbidus and baptize her.  We’ll see.

So there are a ton of different types of churches here in Oriximiná and almost all of them teach the members to not talk to ``the Mormons´´ and not to let us in their houses.  We had two people this week tell us that they went to a couple different churches here and the pastor would teach them not to talk to us and everything.  How sad is that é? We meet some cool families here, but once they find out that we’re ``Mormon´´ they say that they can’t accept a message.  We’re always bummed when we find people like that because it’s not like we can do much to persuade them.

Sooo yeah I’m definitely losing weight here.  I can just feel it haha.  Hopefully I’ll gain some of it back when I get transferred somewhere else, but tudo bem.  My clothes seem to be a little looser than they used to be and I can feel the affects of the weight lose a little.  I don’t know how much, but I’m guessing I’m back down to what I used to be before I got to the CTM (bummer). Haha which is like 10 to 12 pounds.  I’ll let you guys know when I find a scale... I don’t know if they even exist here in Orixi haha.

But yesterday at lunch I drank something cool.  The people didn’t have any water for us, so he went in the back yard and cut down a couple coconuts, stuck a straw in it, and we drank ``agua do coco´´. Haha  It’s actually kinda weird, but it was cool to drink out of a coconut!

Love ya´ll!  Valeu!

Teu Filho Amado,

Élder Andrus

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