Saturday, November 13, 2010

Week 7 - 2 November 2010

Hey everyone!  Another week just flew by!  It really is true that the days seem to drag on but the weeks fly by.  Today at the temple we went through a session in Portuguese because there was only like 8 or so Americans there.  It was cool.  We had those headphones to listen in English but I liked to try to understand the Portuguese.  It sure was tough though.  

So last Friday we had something called TRC, when families from the nearby ward here in Sao Paulo come to the CTM and play the role as investigators for us to practice.  It was a good experience trying to teach real Brasileiros.  We were recorded and monitored and everything, so it was pretty nerve racking.  But I think we did pretty well.  It was a pretty easy situation, so when we do it again on our last week here it’ll be tougher.  This week I got a letter from the Johnson’s and that was really nice!  So this one district here had the idea to write a ´´dear john´´ letter saying goodbye to English, so I wrote one too haha.  It’s just a nice reminder to me to always try and speak Portuguese first, then English.  On Friday night during my prayer before I went to bed, I started in English and about halfway through I found myself saying a lot of words in Portuguese instead! Haha  So I ended up just saying the rest in Portuguese.  That was really cool because that was one of the first times that I can remember where Portuguese actually started to take over a little bit.  If only it happened a little more often haha.  

So about Elder Bednar, he was actually in this area this week, right around the temple in Sao Paulo.  But he went and spoke with the elders in the Sao Paulo Norte Mission and didn’t come to the CTM!  Lame huh? Haha it’s okay - there are only like maybe 50 total missionaries here now, if that.  They say it’s one of the recording breaking lowest numbers here.  Even more of my Brasileiro amigos left this morning!  It’s real sad when a good bunch of Brasileiros leave.  Hopefully we’ll be able to see each other sometime after the mission.  Last night, one of the American districts here had a little funny ceremony and past a plant down to us.  Apparently this plant started about 30 weeks ago from a district who decided to plant a seed from the cafeteria in a cup.  Now it´s actually sprouting and growing haha.  So now it’s a thing that we’re going to pass down from district to district.  So funny.  One thing I would love for you guys to send me through missionties is ´´My Commission´´.  I read it in my farewell talk if you guys remember. That would be great to have.  Another thing I want is Nick Denny´s email or address or something if you guys could get that that would be wonderful.  Well that’s about it for this week.  Thanks for all the support and everything!

Eu amo vocês e obrigado por todas as coisas!  Muito amor do Brasil 

-Elder Andrus

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