Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Week 5 - 19 October 2010

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!  Feliz Aniversario!  Today is your birthday, and I want to make sure you´re having a good one.  I wish I was there so we could celebrate ours together, but this is as close as we´ll get Haha. 

So this week went by super fast, just like last week.  The weeks are seeming to go by super fast now.  I got an email from Kyle Hodges from SVU who´s serving here in Brasil.  He seems to be doing really well.  I also got an email from Adam and Ryan Carpenter.  It´s nice to get mail from people.  I also got some letters from the primary, the Knechtel´s, and Katie Pederson. 

So remember that finger that I jammed last week?  Well, it was my ring finger and now my ring doesn´t fit anymore!  Hahaha.  My ring was a size 9.5 and now it fits a size 11.  I find that so funny, but I do wish my ring still fit cause I liked that one. But, oh well.

So guess what song got stuck in my head the other day...the song from the movie Rockadoodle. Remember how I used to love that movie?  Yeah, I started singing that the other day for no reason; brought back good memories.

Thank you guys so much for that big cookie and all the other stuff in the care package from Mr. Cheney’s.  We´ll enjoy it for sure :)  Next friday we get to go proselyting for the first time!  It´s gonna be so nerve racking since it´s really hard to understand natives here.  I almost can never understand them, or I have to concentrate really hard in order to understand.  But I’m stoked.  I know we´ll do fine.

Can you guys send me John Lane´s mission address?  By the time he´ll get my letters he´ll be in the field, so could you guys do that so we can keep in touch?  That would be great. 

The other day, we watched a video from a devotional where Elder Holland spoke. He spoke on the importance of the Holy Ghost and he called it the ´´Divine Companionship´´.  He told us to not only go out teaching ´´two by two´´, but that every companionship should go ´´three by three´´ with the Spirit.  It was really good, and we actually watched it twice.  Not only is this applicable for mission companionships, but also for all other companionships in life. 

Another thing, can you guys keep me informed about William? I don’t really know much so that would be awesome.  Thank you all so much for everything and all of the birthday treats and wishes.  Thanks for the support, and I love you guys! 

-Elder Andrus

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