Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Week 4 - 12 October 2010

Hey everyone!  This week went by super fast.  It seems that just yesterday it was last p-day.  I guess it could be a good and a bad thing.  The days are long and hard, but the weeks are going faster.  The language is still coming a long well, but I still want to know more and learn faster.

Rio emailed me about William having some health problems.  I will fast and pray for him and will be thinking of him.  He is such a great guy, and I know he blesses every single person he knows.  I would feel a lot more comforted if I know you guys are praying for him too.  I have lots of respect and love for him and will really pray that the Lord will help him.  Please keep me informed on what’s going on.  I would greatly appreciate it.

Well this week we went to the police station to do some stuff with our visas and everything.  We met a bunch of Elders there who have been out about 1 year and 6 months, and even one that was going home in just a couple weeks.  It was so hard for them to speak English with us Haha.  They were all from Utah and yet they had accents just like the Brazilians here and really had trouble finding words to say to us in English. I kind of wish that is me in about a year or so because I think it would just be so cool to become that lost in the work and in the culture here.

After all of our Brazilian friends left, we made a ton of new ones, and they are helping us with things.  One named Elder F. Silva is really cool and taught himself some English, so I love talking with him.  He’s probably the coolest one I’ve met here.  I’ll send pictures when I can.  Elder Silva and tons of other elders left this morning and even more good friends are leaving next week.  It’s sad because they are so friendly and we become attached that its hard when they leave.  But we exchange information so we can write each other. 

So at gym I jammed my finger really bad Haha.  It’s all good, but it looked pretty bad. It was cool because it was purple, blue, green and like twice the size. Haha  I took pictures. One of the newer Elders here, Elder Curtis, I found out knows Mariah Flake - such a small world.  He was actually at that family reunion at Mt. Rainier when I went to hang out with her. 

So in the priesthood session of conference, the Provo MTC choir got to sing all of the songs at the conference center.  Dad might have told you that already, but if my visa hadn’t come and I had to go to Provo, I totally could have sung at conference!  Not fair Haha.  It’s okay though.  I think I would much rather be here in Brasil. 

So remember me saying some things about my teacher Irmao Waskow riding a motorcycle and how they are crazy?  He got in a crash the other day, and he acted like it never happened.  I guess it happens a lot, and it was like it happens everyday. Haha  It’s crazy here, especially the motorcycles.  We get to go proselyting in about a week and a half!  Next Friday we get to go out and place Books of Mormon in Portuguese.  I’m super excited for it.  I love talking to people in Portuguese even tho I’m not near good enough to actually have a good conversation.  We try to practice with our new neighbors, who are so crazy.  They absolutely love us Haha.  They say we are the coolest Americans here. They are insane.  It’s great though, Brazilians are so funny. I love you all and will always have you in my heart.  I will also always keep William in my prayers. Let him know I care about him and hope with all my heart he will get better. Thanks for all of your support! 

-Elder Andrus

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