Monday, December 19, 2011

Week 66 - 19 December 2011 Week of Miracles

Opa! Sorry I didn’t write last week.  I ran out of time here, and we were in a little of a hurry. But no worries. Last week not much happened really. We got a lot of new investigators and have lots of people with baptismal dates. And this week that passed now was super tiring cuz we were running around all over the place and doing tons of stuff. We must have walked a good 20 kilometers or so a day haha. We have that activity this Saturday "Natal Branco," where we are planning baptisms for lots of people. We had a goal of 10.  We’re with a really big teaching group, so we are keeping busy. This week is certainly going to be a week of miracles for us… lots of fasting and praying to be able to find as many baptisms as possible.

As we were doing this, we were talking with all the members, and at lunch we asked a nice family if they knew anyone that was almost baptized but wasn’t, and they thought and showed us a lady who has a skin problem, and wasn’t baptized because she can’t enter into the water. We went there, and she is totally ready for baptism. She’s read the Book of Mormon more times than I have, and knows a lot, just that this skin problem doesn’t let her enter the water. The problem she has is very, very strange and rare, and no doctor has been able to tell what it is or cure it. I don’t know how to describe it very well haha, but yeah. We are going to try everything to help her out.  She has a grand daughter that can be baptized too. The Lord really is showing us more people everyday for us to baptize here.

So I’ve been going on exchanges with my district these past few weeks to help them out, and the other week I was at the same building that I attended when I was in Independência.  I saw Pedro there, who we baptized! He’s super active in the church still and is doing great. Seeing and talking with him after like 6 months was great. It made me so happy to see him still active and firm in the church.

Anyway, I’ve already written a lot haha. But I’m super excited to talk to you guys on Christmas! This Sunday! Let’s ´s see how good my English is now...hahaha.


Élder Andrus

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