Monday, June 6, 2011

Week 38 - 6 June 2011

Oí!  So, I found out this morning that Elder Villela and I will both be transferred tomorrow.  I’m gonna be heading out to Castanhal, which is a suburb of Belém.  It’s a little far away so I’m gonna have to take a bus for a few hours to get there.  I’ll be in an area called Capanema.  I’m pretty excited.  I really don’t know what it’s like out there.  Mas vamos ver!  My comp is gonna be another Brazilian, Elder Farias.  He has quite a bit of time on the mission already, but I don’t really know him yet.  But tomorrow, I’ll head over there to start this next transfer.

But as for this week here in Indepenência, we had a baptism of a girl named Lorena on Thursday.  It was pretty cool because she and another girl in the ward got baptized, then afterward they had cake and food cuz it was the girl’s birthday.  It was pretty fun.

During the week, we got a reference from a member that lives in downtown Belém to go visit her cousin with her.  So we went with her to visit her cousin who has been hearing a little about the gospel, and she was really receptive.  She like organized a snack and everything just for us.  Her name is Saanaé, and she comes from a Catholic Buddist background.  The lesson was great, and she loved it.  There was one part in the lesson where I was talking about the blessing in our lives and about our families, because she has a son that has a problem with depression, and she started crying.  It was great to see her really understand about the Restoration of the Gospel, and she’s excited to learn more too.  So I’m hoping that the new missionaries here will be able to go over there and help her so she can be baptized.  Oh, and she also gave me a book as a gift too.  It is a book about a lady named Dorothy Stang, who did missionary work here in the Amazon and was killed after a lot of persecutions.  She wrote a little note inside for me and signed it.  It was really sweet of her. J  And it’ll be cool to have a book in Portuguese to read when I get home haha.

And something a little funny, last night when we were on our way back home, a girl on the street that had down syndrome came up to us, hugged us, and started talking to us. Then she invited her family to talk to us too.  And as I was shaking their hands, one of the girls there gave me a kiss on the cheek...hahaha  I totally froze and had no idea what to do haha.  Elder Villela was laughing so hard haha.

Alrighty, well have a good week guys!  Amo vocês!

Élder Andrus
Batismo do Lorena 6-2-11

Sweet wall in Cabanágem

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