Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Week 39 - 13 June 2011 in Capanema

Oí Família!

So I’ve been here in the city of Capanema for about a week now, and I really like it.  It’s way like suburban and far from everything, so the atmosphere is pretty tranquillo and peaceful.  My companion, Elder Farias, is way cool.  We get along really well in home, and we work well together too.  He likes to train and work out like me so we always do our exercises in the mornings with a little homemade weight and a pull up bar he has.  He also does something that is called Capoeira, which is like a Brasilian fight dance.  It’s actually pretty sweet and really popular here. Haha  Elder Farias is pretty crazy too.  He kinda reminds me of the energizer bunny haha.  But he’s really good with people and everyone always loves him.  So we get a lot of help from the members as far as I can tell.

As for the church here in Capanema, it recently turned into a ward from a branch around the beginning of this year.  There seems to be about 120 or so people attending, so it’s growing pretty well here.  But we don’t have a chapel here yet.  We meet at a house here in the city to have our meetings.  It’s really humble and pretty cool to be a part of such a small ward.  They are planning to buy some land here to be able to build a chapel pretty soon, so that should be a big jump for the area when that happens.

Our house here in Capanema is pretty big though.  It’s the nicest house I’ve seen yet on the mission and really clean too. Haha  I think I got lucky to get such a nice house.  It’s funny cuz with some of the houses in the mission, I don’t even want to go home when the day is over at night haha.  But this one here is way sweet, so I’m grateful.

So remember Dário from when I was in Cabanagem?  Him and his family were investigating the church.  Well when we went there for the last time to say our goodbyes, he told me that he has a nephew here in Capanema.  We went over there this week and taught them, and they seemed way happy to have us there.  His name is Alex, and his wife is Daisy.  They aren’t married, but they said they have plans to get married.  So we’ll see how that goes with them!

Well, love ya guys!  I got to go.  Until next weeeeeek!

Élder Andrus

Flood in Cabanagem

Sergio, Meyre, and family in Cabanagem

Dario in Cabanagem

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