Monday, December 6, 2010

Week 12 - 6 December 2010

Oí!  This week went by so fast, it seems like only yesterday I was sitting here on the computer haha.  So remember that bat I mentioned last time?  Yeah we found it inside Elder Costa’s backpack! hahah  So funny. 

So last week we baptized 3 people, Ronan, Maria, and Vandria.  Then this week we baptized the two young girls who weren’t baptized last week, Eloiana and Eloina.  I had the opportunity to baptize Maria last Sunday and Eloiana this last Saturday.  It was awesome.  So I’ve been really trying to read the Book of Mormon in Portuguese, and I’m already almost in 2 Nephi!  I have my English ones by my side to help with the big words, but I think the scriptures are a powerful way to help with the language.  Rio sent me the advice from Sterling and Sean about the language and I really appreciate it and will use it.  My planner is FILLED with new words everyday for me to study. Sometimes I even have too many for me to remember haha.  I made a study plan the other day for the hour of language study I get.  I’ll try it out this week and see how it works. 

On Saturday, we got to do a little service project with a family in our ward at their house. We built a little table in their back yard and then it started to pour down raining.  When it rains here it rains pretty hard.  Here in Oriximiná, they have these things called ituzinhos, which are like popcicles but made from ice cream and stuff.  They are so good.  We bought 20 of them, 10 for me and 10 for Elder Costa.  I ate all of them in one day  haha. So during Sunday School at church on Sunday, I opened up my Bible and guess what crawled out of it...a huuuge grasshopper!  It must have been in there for a while, I don’t know, but it sure freaked me out haha.  Bugs here live everywhere, and you find them in the weirdest places every day.  Some members here own a bakery and make bread for the whole town, and sometimes we get some free bread!  They have this kind called pisoleta that is soooo good, and for only 25 centavos. 

We’ve been doing a lot of activities with the ward.  On Wednesday, we have a class for English at 7.  On Saturday, we have another English class at 5, baptisms at 6, then an activity at 7.  Then on Sundays, we have a class we teach about missionary work called “Mini CTM.”  It’s nice because it gets the members involved with the work that we do.

In response to the letter I received today from missionties: I finally looked at a map and found out where I am in Brasil haha, and yeah I didn’t realize how far west I am.  Mom said it’s the 2nd biggest city, and yet we only have 1 bank and 1 post office... and one set of Elders! haha.  It doesn’t seem very big here because the actual town in small.  But there are a lot of outskirt regions here where people live in dirt and grime houses.  We don’t ride buses unless we need to leave the town for something.  And a lot of times we go by boat for that.  The biggest meal here is lunch, and we have a regular schedule for which member we eat with on which day of the month.  So for lunch we are usually fed pretty well.  But for other meals a lot of the time we don’t have much food and end up just throwing everything we have together and mix it up in the blender or something haha.

That’s crazy Karl served with Kyle’s dad!  Where did they serve?  I’ve been emailing Kyle a little bit just to keep in touch.  Well life here as a missionary is rolling.  I’m not gonna say it’s not hard, because it’s definitely the hardest thing I’ve done.  But I’m studying tons everyday, and I know the Lord blesses missionaries and their families.  The Lord doesn’t give a commandment without providing a way to accomplish it.  Love you all and thanks for everything!

Com Amor do Amazonas,
Elder Andrus


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